From the beginning I admired the old italian renaissance-painters and after my teens , I did some grope trying for my self That meens that I am autodidact (self-taught), but I lived in Italy for six years and was absorbed in their art. There l had a pleasant contact with a member of the Parliament, and he became a big client to me, and it was thanks to him that l became a portraitpainter. l continued on that path when I returned to Sweden, and to mention some, I have made four portraits of Presidents and six others to Svea Hovrâtt (main court) and one of the others was ''Stenbocks Kurir''. Among other portraits I have made is Princess Marianne Bernadotte, Jussi Björling, the Minister of Industry N.G. Asling, the Chairman of Communal and so on. l have also made some paintings for Churches and Castles, familyportraits, children and animals. Some of my commissions was to copy old paintings. In between I gladely paint my own motives with mythology underneath and symbols and mystic.

"It is rare today to see an artist who paints in the Renaissance style. Every painting takes months to complete, and the colours are mixed with the greatest precision. It is in this way that Ann-Gerd Linander learned to paint during her six-year study in Italy. Of all
the old masters, she has the greatest admiration for Leonardo da Vinci.

Most of all Ann-Gerd is famous for her portraits of people and animals, but she also specializes in mythology and symbolism. She has done several portraits of judges, professors, chairmen, ambassadors
and princesses.

An able painter can copy the old masters, but normally they miss the depth and feeling of painting. To be able to paint a motiv, so that every portion is soulful and deep with a personal style, is something Ann-Gerd Linander has mastered, and that makes her unique  in the art world today."

Signed by
Artdealer C.R. Ax:son Johnson

Represented in public and privet collections in Sweden and in privet collections in italy and USA.